conditional failure rate

conditional failure rate
= hazard
French\ \ taux d'échec conditionnel; défaillance
German\ \ bedingte Ausfallrate; Hazard
Dutch\ \ voorwaarlijke uitvalskans; sterftekans; uitvalkans
Italian\ \ tasso di insuccesso condizionato; rischio
Spanish\ \ riesgo
Catalan\ \ risc
Portuguese\ \ taxa de falha condicional; risco
Romanian\ \ -
Danish\ \ betinget fejlrate; fare
Norwegian\ \ betinget strykprosent; fare
Swedish\ \ hasard
Greek\ \ δεσμευμένος βαθμός αποτυχίας; κίνδυνος
Finnish\ \ (ehdollinen) riski; hasardi
Hungarian\ \ feltételes meghiúsulási arány; kockázat
Turkish\ \ koşullu başarısızlık oranı; tehlike
Estonian\ \ tinglik tõrkemäär; tinglik tõrkelisus; risk
Lithuanian\ \ sąlyginis nesėkmių intensyvumas; rizika; azartinis lošimas; neigiamas atsakymas
Slovenian\ \ pogojno stopnja neuspeha; nevarnosti
Polish\ \ warunkowa stopa uszkodzeń; zagrożenie; hazard
Russian\ \ условная интенсивность отказов; риск
Ukrainian\ \ -
Serbian\ \ -
Icelandic\ \ skilyrt bilun hlutfall; hættu
Euskara\ \ baldintzatu porrota tasa; arrisku
Farsi\ \ nerkhe shek ste sh rti
Persian-Farsi\ \ -
Arabic\ \ نسبة المخاطرة المشروطة
Afrikaans\ \ voorwaardelike falingskoers; gevaar
Chinese\ \ 条 件 失 误 率; 机 遇
Korean\ \ 조건부고장률;위험

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